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COVID-19 Life in Jagna

Philos Health continues its cause in Jagna, Bohol, Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the established programs of Philos Health, the not-for-profit corporation aids in providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to rural health units, and more are scheduled to be shipped to the Philippines.

The production of cloth face coverings as an additional response to the pandemic was assigned to Jagna locals. These cloth face coverings will be distributed for free. The production will start in the week of June 21, 2020. Philos Health also sees this opportunity to help those who are affected by community quarantine rules—as they face the struggle of not being allowed to work or operate businesses.

While the COVID-19 response is ongoing, Philos Health discussed the advantage of educating the children of Jagna about COVID-19 through the use of Jagna community radio station DYPJ 100.1 FM with the Department of Education. This will be the medium to properly inform Jagna residents about the risks and effects of COVID-19, how the residents can identify legitimate COVID-19 news online, and other health-related information.

The medical programs Philos Health established are constantly supported and monitored. The Jagna clinic provides 50 different local medicines for free—which are released on a prescription basis only. The medical prescriptions for antibiotics, hypertension and diabetes, prenatal vitamins, cough and cold medicines, and more, reach about 4,500 a month.

The current nutrition program Philos initiated continues to operate daily, together with other local feeding programs that provide supplemental food to Jagna residents. Philos Health successfully managed to lessen the malnutrition rate of the children in Jagna five years ago, from 30% to 5%. Further to be included in the nutrition program are 3,100 children, 600 seniors, and 450 pregnant women in Jagna.

In 2019, the two dental clinics have provided 14,500 treatments valued at $1,740,000 U.S. dollars. While the two Philos Health dental clinics aren’t operating as of now, the schedule for their reopening is very much anticipated. Modified schedules and services will be announced when schools reopen in July 2020.

The dental clinics plan to prevent and treat dental and oral diseases, such as cavities. Philos Health intends to provide fluoride treatments to Jagna children thrice a year, teach the children the importance and benefits of brushing their teeth, and provide dental sealants to further protect and prevent dental and oral diseases from developing.

In line with this, Philos Health is also focused on the “Moms & Babies” project, which aims to provide care to pregnant women and children five years of age and below. This includes training midwives as part of prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women. The program also aims to properly educate Jagna women on the importance of preventing cavities and untreated gingivitis, as it can be passed on to the child and may cause premature birth and low weight.

The Philippines’ transition from an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) consists of the implementation of curfew hours, quarantine passes, limited business operations, and other safety measures. An estimate of 1,000 to 5,000 families in Jagna, Bohol still struggle due to unemployment.

The town of Jagna, Bohol copes up with the COVID-19 effect through the aid and support of the government and Philos Health. The value of the services provided by Philos in Jagna amounts to approximately $5.2 million annually. This value affects the lives of the 30,000 thousand Jagna residents positively.

The Philos Health programs aim to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic. The distribution of PPEs and cloth face coverings is the initial step to preventing the virus. The existing clinics and nutrition program targets the healthy well-being of Jagna residents—extra prevention from catching the coronavirus and other forms of illness and diseases.

Philos Health faces the new normal with the passion to build healthier communities and connect places in need of global aid.