Philos Health was founded in 2004 by a group of San Francisco Bay Area health care providers who decided that they had experience, skills and resources that they wanted to share in the Philippines to improve the health and medical care services of people who were without adequate resources.  The group chose the Philippines because many of their colleagues at local hospitals where they worked were Filipino nurses and health care providers who had told them stories about the needs of their communities.  


The group formed Philos Health, a non-profit that would promote their values of working collaboratively with local partners to determine needs and find solutions together that would improve the health and well-being of the people they were to serve.


Philos Health’s core principles:


  • Philos Health volunteers and the local community would each bring resources to the effort to improve medical care and health services.  Philos Health could not build new health care programs or provide medical care without local infrastructure and support.

  • New services and medical care would be a collaborative effort with the local health care providers and key local community groups

  • Decisions about focus and priorities would be made at a local level

  • The success of the efforts would require active participation by local groups

  • Partnerships with US and International NGOs would enable Philos to extend its efforts in the Philippines

  • Programs would be outcome driven.  Donors required documented evidence that their contributions were having measurable positive outcomes.

  • Our work would be on going and would be sustainable over time


Over the last 13 years, Philos Health’s emphasis on collaboration and partnership with locals of Jagna has been essential in providing impactful service during each medical mission.


Philos Health has built strong connections with the local government, NGOs, and healthcare providers that allow us to consistently deliver effective patient care to the population. This collaboration with the community helps us identify local needs from a distance, allowing us to gather the resources necessary to continue providing a lasting impact on our missions.


This partnership also allows us to supplement our own supplies with the plethora of resources already provided within the local hospital and barangays.

Ability To Follow Up

As a result of returning to Jagna every year since 2004, Philos Health is able to follow-up with former patients in the area, particularly those diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes.


To ensure the maintenance of these chronic medical conditions, Philos Health employs a full-time nurse that keeps record of patients’ charts and manages our local health clinic, which can prescribe up to 42 medications.


The ability to follow-up with patients allows Philos Health to provide year-round treatment to the local community.

Efficient, Low-Overhead Missions

In order to maximize care at no cost to the patient, Philos Health understands the need to keep a strict budget. Due to our volunteers handling their own expenses, overhead costs end up taking less than 5% of our total budget.


Therefore, all donations we receive go directly in providing care for our patients. If you decide to donate, your contribution will immediately help us fulfill our mission of improving the health of the underserved community of Jagna.

Outcome-Driven Organization

Since Philos Health began serving this community in 2004, we have consolidated patient data in hopes of developing ways to improve health outcomes.


For each of our programs, we compile demographic data to help us develop strategies that address the specific needs of our patients. Data may include the specific population we are serving, the medical problems with the highest prevalence, the percent of individuals with controlled chronic conditions over time, and more. We believe that this data assists us in setting new goals and track our status on those goals.