Medical Missions & Chronic Care

As a result of returning to Jagna every year since 2004, Philos Health is able to follow-up with former patients in the area. To ensure the maintenance of these chronic medical conditions, Philos employs a full-time nurse that keeps record of patients’ charts and manages our local health clinic. This allows Philos Health to provide year-round treatment to the local community.


Over the last 13 years, Philos Health’s emphasis on collaboration and partnership with locals of Jagna has been essential in providing impactful service during each medical mission. Philos Health has built strong connections with the local government, NGOs, and healthcare providers that allow us to consistently deliver effective patient care to the population.

Surgery Program

In 2010, Philos Health and the District Hospital in Jagna conducted its first surgical mission in Jagna to provide obstetrics and gynecological (OBGYN) and general surgeries to local patients in need.


In every year since, Philos Health surgeons have teamed up with local surgeons, operating room nurses, and anesthesiologists to perform successful, occasionally life-saving, procedures at no cost. Seven years and over 250 procedures later, Philos Health intends to continue improving patient outcomes through surgery.

Manna Pack Supplemental
Feeding Program

Philos Health, with the support of the Municipal Government of Jagna, created the Manna Pack Supplemental Feeding Program to provide local children with additional means to overcome malnutrition. Every year since 2010, Philos Health has delivered Manna Packs, rice soy-based meals that contain essential vitamins and minerals, to each barangay in Jagna. Each barangay, or village, serves more than 31,000 children aged 6 months to 6 years up to five times per week.


In 2010, we conducted a survey of 1100 kids and found that, using World Health Organization (WHO) standards, 30% of them were moderately to severely malnourished. In 2017, our follow-up survey found that less than 5% of kids were moderately to severely malnourished as a result of our ongoing program.


Philos Health has recently expanded its feeding program to support other groups, including seniors and expectant mothers. However, to continue this program, we need your help!


In 2016, it cost about $18,000 to provide half a million meals to this community.


$5.00 buys 150 hot nutritious meals and helps eliminate malnutrition in Jagna. Help us achieve our goal and donate today!

The Molineaux
Children’s Dental Clinic

In June 2015, Philos Health, in collaboration with the Bohol Department of Education, I CHECK, a local NGO, and Susan and Christopher Molineaux, the primary donors, established the first school-based free dental clinic in the Philippines to improve the oral health of Jagna’s children. Built on the campus of Jagna Central Elementary School, our dental clinic has treated more than 1600 students who previously have never even seen a dentist. The clinic provides teeth cleanings, fillings, sealants, fluoride treatments, extractions, and oral exams at no cost.


Additionally, Philos Health has taken steps to establish preventative health measures for oral hygiene. These steps include providing toothbrushes for children and parents, and, with the encouragement of our dental professionals, initiating mandatory, daily brushing sessions within classrooms supervised by teachers!


The clinic employs one full-time dentist and one dental aide to work five days a week. During the year, volunteer dentists from the United States, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, New Zealand, and locally within the Philippines have assisted us during our missions. Over the 18 months since its inception, the Molineaux Children’s Dental Clinic has provided over 9600 treatments to local children and intends to continue its mission to improve oral health outcomes by treating the dental problems these kids face and reducing the incidence of cavities.


As of June 2017, we are almost done building the second clinic, at a different school to promote healthier dental habits and bring brighter smiles to the children of Jagna.

Radio Station

The goal of creating a local radio station was to provide health information, education, and empowerment to the people of Jagna. In 2007, funded by John A. Kent of New York City, Philos Health assisted in its inception by providing most of the equipment and training the townspeople would need to run an FM radio station.


Operated by volunteers within the community, DYPJ’s programming includes music, Philippine government news, city council news, town announcements, live church services, and more. With its presence steadily increasing throughout the years, DYPJ has become the primary source of news and entertainment within the Jagna community.


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